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fairly undermining public confidence in the administration of justice

“They’d tell him the real story of JFK’s murder.”

December 16, 2011 By: John Kindley Category: Uncategorized

Thus commented Bill St. Clair on a post by Claire Wolfe in which she asks a very pertinent question: What if Ron Paul won?

If Ron Paul wins (and is not assassinated by the people the government is really of, by, and for), I for one would love to see him eliminate forthwith the Department of Health and Human Services, since he recognizes that DHHS is unconstitutional, and since he has already promised that if elected President in 2012 he’ll eliminate the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education.

Back in 1999 a congressional colleague of Dr. Paul’s, Dave Weldon, who like Dr. Paul is a pro-life physician, sent to Dr. Paul, and to every other member of the U.S. House of Representatives, a law review article I wrote which demonstrates that women have a legal right to know that induced abortion increases breast cancer risk and that the National Cancer Institute (which is part of the National Institutes of Health, which is part of DHHS) are bigger liars than Big Tobacco ever was.

Hopefully he remembers.

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  • "[T]here is just nothing wrong with telling the American people the truth." - Allen v. United States

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