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Apparently, the National Cancer Institute’s Tweeter hasn’t gotten the secret memo.

August 20, 2014 By: John Kindley Category: Uncategorized

Recently Australia was in an uproar because one of its top politicians suggested on national TV that abortion might increase breast cancer risk. He did so in the context of being challenged, by the hysterical witch interviewing him, over the planned presentation of the scientific evidence linking induced abortion with increased breast cancer risk by Angela Lanfranchi, M.D., at an upcoming conference the politician is associated with. The ensuing tweet storm was enough to kill even the faith in humanity of one for whom such faith died long ago. Nevertheless, I could not help taking potshots on Twitter at the smug and invincible ignorance of an endless procession of monkeys who just know the abortion-breast cancer link is nothing but a Big Fat Pro-Life Lie because, inter alia, the National Cancer Institute says so.

Hence, I was quite astonished when one of my tweets was favorited and particularly by who favorited it:

Twitter / SingleTaxAnarch: .@SadieODoyle What's @theNCI …

Yes, that’s the twitter account of the National Cancer Institute itself, which has 60K+ followers. Favorites are nice, but a Retweet would have been much better.

Yes, I was indeed trolling the #BlackWomenLead hashtag (which was centered on reproductive rights, and was quite active when I started trolling it), which earned me far uglier responses than Sadie’s. The first thing I tweeted was a link to this Howard University study showing induced abortion more than doubled breast cancer risk among African-American women.

For a comprehensive review by Dr. Lanfranchi of the extant scientific evidence linking induced abortion with increased breast cancer risk, published just this Spring, see here.

Someone needs to Snowden the National Cancer Institute.

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