People v. State

fairly undermining public confidence in the administration of justice

“Chaos? It’s as American as apple pie! I love chaos; it’s the law that scares me. It should scare you too.”

July 01, 2011 By: John Kindley Category: Chaos, Norm Pattis

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read the title of this post if you haven’t finished reading Norm Pattis‘ new book, Taking Back the Courts: What We Can Do to Reclaim Our Sovereignty, as those are the words with which it concludes.

I’ll write more about the book later, once I’ve actually finished it, but wanted to note the coincidence of Norm’s (perhaps hyperbolic) embrace of “chaos” with my (perhaps hyperbolic) embrace of “chaos” in my last post, titled “Chaotic Good v. Lawful Evil.” (Incidentally, for the edification of my non-geek readers, “Chaotic Good” and “Lawful Evil” are “alignments” in Dungeons & Dragons.)

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  • "[T]here is just nothing wrong with telling the American people the truth." - Allen v. United States

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