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July 02, 2012 By: John Kindley Category: Uncategorized

I wrote my first tweet way back on December 31, 2008, but only lately have I really gotten the point and into it. It’s pretty “fun,” and frankly pretty easy, relative to blogging anyway. I’ve added a button on the side bar inviting you to “follow me” @johnkindley on Twitter. So that’s where I’ve been the last couple weeks. Another thing I’ve added to the side bar is a bitcoin donation box. Bitcoins are another thing I’ve gotten mildly interested in here lately, even going so far as to obtain my very own handful of bitcoins. Now, I understand that you probably don’t have any bitcoins, and probably don’t even know what they are. The donation box therefore is conceived of as more of a curiosity and an advertisement. (But seriously, if you’ve got an extra one lying around, send it my way.) Here are a couple things you can do with bitcoins:

Silk Road

Seals with Clubs

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